About Livingstone Zambia represents all that is best about sub-Saharan Africa – big, blue skies, wide-open spaces, uncrowded roads, welcoming people, spectacular wildlife in several national parks and home to one of the world’s most spectacular wonders, the Victoria Falls.

About Livingstone

Zambia represents all that is best about sub-Saharan Africa – big, blue skies, wide-open spaces, uncrowded roads, welcoming people, spectacular wildlife in several national parks and home to one of the world’s most spectacular wonders, the Victoria Falls.

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The Victoria Falls

The waters from the mighty Zambezi River spill over 111m to form the world’s mightiest waterfall, more than twice the size of Niagara. The town of Livingstone is the gateway to Victoria Falls, the nation’s tourist capital.

Activities FAQ's

The Adventure Capital of Africa

Safari Par Excellence is well established as Zambia’s leading adventure specialist and safari outfits since 1990 operating their own tours and activities that cater to anyone from the adrenaline seeker to those seeking the more tranquil and serene. Whether you want a multi-day canoe safari adventure, white water raft down the mighty Zambezi River rapids, take a sunset cruise on Upper Zambezi, walk with lions or take an elephant-back safari, Safari Par Excellence offers it all!

Internationally acclaimed as the best one-day white water rafting trip available in the world, Safari Par Excellence have been rafting the Mighty Zambezi River since 1994. With the only guide team in the area licensed and recognised by the International Rafting Federation, Safari Par Excellence rate safety as highly as enjoyment. Safari Par Excellence also have a fleet of vehicles used for airport transfers, activity transfers and any group requirements.

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Livingstone as a MICE Destination?

Why choose Livingstone (Zambia) Victoria Falls for your blue-chip Incentive group or meeting venue? Because this natural world and adventure destination has already been acclaimed as among the most thrilling and inspiring on the planet! The Victoria Falls has always transcended expectations and provided massive satisfaction levels. Most appealing is the wide array of quite startling adventure activities, all encapsulated within 20 minutes’ travel. And the only heavy traffic in this glorious piece of authentic Africa is likely to be an elephant.

Flights to/from Livingstone

Livingstone's Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport has direct daily flights to Lusaka's Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, which operates as a gateway to and from the UK, Europe & Dubai, as well as affordable connecting flights from Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg in South Africa.

Livingstone Flight Schedule

DepartingAirport CodeOperating DaysAirline
NairobiNBOWed, Fri, Sun Kenya Airways (KQ)
Cape TownCPTWed, Fri, Sun Kenya Airways (KQ)
JohannesburgJNBDailyBritish Airways (BA)
JohannesburgJNBDailySouth African Airways (SA)
NelspruitMQPDailySouth African Airlink (SAA)
LusakaLUNMultiple DailyProFlight (PO)

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time of the year to visit?

The best time to visit the spectacular Victoria Falls is from February to May, directly after the region’s summer rains, when you will experience the world’s largest sheet of falling water flowing at its greatest volume. It’s roughly twice the height of North America's Niagara Falls, and the thunderous roar can be heard for miles around. The sheer force of the water drives a column of spray far into the air, drenching the edge of the falls in a fine mist.

The best time for a Victoria Falls holiday combined with a Chobe Safari is the dry winter period from June to August. Expect great game viewing, warm days and cool nights with little to no rain.

At the end of the dry winter period, October through November, the water level is low and the weather is hot and humid. Low water levels guarantee you’ll have panoramic views (no misty spray) on both sides of the falls, but the Zambian side (about one quarter of its width) may have dried up completely. Water flow on the Zimbabwean side is permanent but ebbs in volume with the seasons. Certain activities such as the Devils Pool swim on the edge of the Falls and white-water rafting are affected by the level of the Zambezi River.


Visitors to Zambia must obtain a visa from one of the Zambian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries or countries whose citizens are eligible for visa on arrival. Visitors may alternatively obtain an electronic visa. All visitors must hold a passport valid for at least 6 months. Single Entry Visa USD 50.00 and Double Entry Visa USD 80.00 subject to change.

Electrical Plug Outlet / Voltage

All electrical appliances in Zambia run on 220V. The primary socket types are Euro, British or South African. Although multi-adaptors are generally available at hotels, we recommend bringing your own.

Currency & ATM’s

Zambia’s unit of currency is the Kwacha, denoted by the symbol ZMK and is required for things such as shopping in the local supermarkets, pharmacies and restaurants (credit cards are also widely accepted).

Bureaux de Change and ATM machines are available at Livingstone Airport and in Livingstone Town - Visa / MasterCard are readily available. The South African Rand and the United States Dollar are widely accepted as payment in hotels and by curio market vendors.

Vaccinations & Malaria

There is no formal requirement for any vaccination for entry into Zambia, however, please consult with your physician for recommendations regarding inoculations/immunizations if coming from a yellow-fever zone. We highly recommend that you take precautions against malaria, particularly in the summer months.  We also encourage visitors to use insect repellent liberally and wearing long pants and sleeves to prevent mosquito bites, sleep in air-conditioned rooms or under a mosquito net (provided).