Corporate Social Investment Watch this space for full details of The Explorer Club Africa's Community & Elephant CSI project in Livingstone. Enquire Now

Corporate Social Investment

Watch this space for full details of The Explorer Club Africa's Community & Elephant CSI project in Livingstone.

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The Put Foot Rally

Annual events hosted and supported by The Victoria Falls Waterfront and Safari Par Excellence are The Put Foot Rally and Tour D'Afrique.

The Put Foot Rally is an epic road trip adventure where incredible people from all over the world come together to explore and experience the very best of Africa! Crews in a wide variety of whacky vehicles, meet up at checkpoints located at the heart of each country, for awesome parties, and load of giving back through hands-on charity work.

The Tour D'Afrique is based in Canada and brings cyclists to ride the length of Africa from North to South, covering a distance of 12,000km in four months, making bicycle donations to worthy causes along the way.

We Participate in Pack For A Purpose!

Small Space, Little Effort, Big Impact! Help Pack for a Purpose make a difference around the world by using available space in your luggage to provide supplies to the communities you visit. For more information on Packing for a Purpose in Livingstone.

The River Club

The River Club was awarded the inaugural Zambian Heritage and Culture Award in 2009 for all the work carried out in the Livingstone area preserving the heritage in the town as well as being involved in cultural and support efforts in the nearby village. The lodge is also listed as a member of the ECO-LUXURY group of lodges from around the world in 2009, all of whom work to preserve the environment and support local people in the areas we operate.

The River Club has been involved with the local community since 2000, helping improve the lives of the people who live there. This Social Development Project has been hugely successful largely due to the generous donations from guests who have stayed at or been connected to the lodge.


The building of a Health Post and supplying of equipment in it (BELRON SA, YESNER Pharmaceuticals Aust, CEO Group USA) The construction of a Police Post at the request of the villagers themselves (JACOBS UK) The renovation of the water supply system that now provides 50,000 litres of clean water each day to the villagers (ZURICH and ADAMSON UK, de ALBA BARNOLA Mexico) Providing 300 children with Solar Study Lamps so that they can do their homework at night (Geoff/Bonnie MORGAN and sponsors) The building of a library and canteen at the school (GREG CARR Foundation USA) Providing breakfast for 400 children daily during term time (SONDLAND/DURANT Foundation) Building of a goat shed for animal husbandry studies (UNUM) Sponsorships for 50 children to high schools in Livingstone town (SLOAN Scholarship) Construction of a Kindergarten classroom for the village pre-school (Norwich Union now AVIVA Insurance) Sponsorship of 3 teachers through University courses (SLOAN Scholarship) Provision of gardening tools for the growing of vegetables by the students for the school (STONEY Ireland) Paying for the exam fees for those children sitting for their annual tests Construction of a Community Hall for 250 people Provision during each term time of pencils, pens, books, maps etc for each of the grades Construction of houses for two of the leaders of the area (SATORI) Transport for the students to attend sports matches and scholastic competitions. The lodge also hosts students from abroad to come and spend time on VOLUNTOURISM tasks assisting children at the school with sports and extra teaching